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On our homepage, you can access each grade level’s packet for download and printing by clicking on “ELEARNING/NTI“. You will click on your child’s grade level folder, click on the file(s), and then download them to your device.

You can also access them on the NAFCS corporation website:
Choose “Green Valley Elementary” to be taken to the same page for downloading.
APRIL 2nd UPDATE- Governor Holcomb made some new education announcements this afternoon. He announced there will be no more physical school for 2019-2020 school year, though virtual education and non-traditional education may continue to occur. Indiana schools must provide at least 160 days of instruction for this year. This will not be a problem for NAFCS.

With today’s new direction from the Governor, NAFCS will soon establish a plan for the remainder of this school year. This plan will be announced in the next few weeks. Schools must submit their plan to IDOE by April 17. The IDOE is also clarifying what “graduation requirements” now look like for the class of 2020. We are waiting for those details to be placed in writing to review, before moving forward.

March 24, 2020: NAFCS Update

Superintendent Dr. Brad Snyder updates the community on the eLearning/non-traditional learning plan for the school district, meal service options for students, which offices are open for questions and more.

Posted by New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation on Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Indiana Governor Holcomb’s COVID-19 address on March 19, 2020, included the closure of all Indiana schools until May 1, 2020. In light of this news, New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. is working on an eLearning/non-traditional instructional plan for our students. Details of this plan will be shared early next week.

The following Indiana state assessments have also been canceled for 2020:

The ISTEP+ Part 1 and 2 First Time Administration (grade 10 only) is canceled for the remaining duration in Spring 2020. Any student that tested during the ISTEP+ Spring Retest 2020 will still receive results. We will get those results to students when they become available.

Please continue to watch our social media accounts, website, and your email for future updates.
We are starting our emergency FREE meals for children age 18 and under on March 23rd!!  You can come to Green Valley Elementary on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to receive your meals. See image for more details.