Arrival & Dismissal

September 12th, 2014

CAR RIDERS: Children brought to school as car riders should not arrive at school before 7:40 am. Drivers should enter the main entrance and drive through the gates of Middleton Drive. Proceed around the building in single file to be dropped off at the gym entrance. Car riders will also be dismissed from this area. Gates will open at 2:15 pm for afternoon dismissal. Gates to Middleton Way are locked during the school day. Parents must accompany children to the office to sign-in when arriving after 8:00 am. Each family will be issued a number for car rider dismissal. Please help us by …

  1. Make sure your number is clearly visible as you approach the gym door.
  2. Help your child learn to remember his/her car number.
  3. Follow the direction of the school personnel.
  4. Pull your car forward to allow personnel to lad several cars at one time.
  5. Please remain in your vehicle and allow the school personnel to assist your child in entering or exiting the car.

* No students picked up in cars will be dismissed to the lobby area except for and occasional after school appointment. Any other special circumstances must be cleared with the principal.

WALKERS: An adult should accompany students walking to and from school. Theses students should enter the school through the main entrance. Students will not be permitted to walk home without an adult unless a note from the parents is sent in to the office.

BUS RIDERS: Students traveling in buses will arrive and be dismissed through the main entrance. Students are to remain in their classrooms until their bus is called. Students are expected to follow bus safety rules. Failure to follow the rules may result in suspension of bus privileges.

DAY CARE VAN RIDERS: Day care van riders will be dropped off at the car rider entrance in the morning. At dismissal all day care van riders will be dismissed from door #9 (near the playground).